Building the Next Generation of
Expert Care, Close To Home

Meritus Health is officially seeking accreditation and licensure to open a proposed four-year osteopathic medical school in Hagerstown.

The needs for our community, and communities like us throughout Maryland and the United States, centers on having access to great physicians. The proposed Meritus School of Osteopathic Medicine gives us the opportunity to train physicians in an environment like ours - focused on the health of the region. Physicians who train here will be more likely to practice here.

As an anchor organization for this community, it is our privilege and obligation to positively impact the lives of over 200,000 people in our region. The proposed Meritus School of Osteopathic Medicine will do that. It will change the game for the health, education, and economy for everyone.

Maulik Joshi, Dr.P.H.
President & CEO Meritus Health / President, Proposed Meritus School of Osteopathic Medicine

Introducing Paula Gregory, Dean

Dr. Gregory brings to the organization and the region tremendous experience and expertise as a physician, educator and leader.  She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Georgia and her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine.

Among her many achievements, Dr. Gregory served as Assistant Dean and Chair of Clinical Education at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Georgia campus, where she started a free clinic in association with the Pilgrim Cathedral Church.  Dr. Gregory was also the founding Dean and Chief Administrative Officer of the Kansas City University School of Medicine and Bioscience – Joplin campus. 

Dr. Gregory is joining Meritus from California Health Sciences University where she served as the Chair of Primary Care.

I am thrilled to be supporting this vision. Currently, there are so many promising candidates who wish to become physicians that struggle to find the right educational opportunity. It is our hope that we will provide access to education, and in turn, expand access to healthcare in the region.

Dr. Paula Gregory
Dean Proposed Meritus School of Osteopathic Medicine

How the Meritus School of Osteopathic Medicine Will Support Expert Care, Close To Home


Prepare future generations of physicians who are professionally accomplished, socially responsible and community oriented.


To be a leader in community-based medical education.

A Physician Shortage

Right now, there are two major gaps that should be concerning to all.  First, there is a major physician shortage nationally, in the state of Maryland, and in this region.

There is currently a shortage of 52 physicians in Washington County, alone.

Not only do we need more physicians, but fewer are being produced.  Right now, less than 10 percent of qualified applicants are accepted into medical school.  There are simply not enough programs to keep up with the demand.

By developing a program in Washington County, our unique and innovative curriculum will train physicians who are educated in the classroom, through the use of leading-edge technology, in clinical rotations, and by being integrated in community health projects and outreach.  The benefit of this prestigious academic institution will be both immediate and realized for generations to come; as the program will attract highly-educated faculty to the community, medical students will engage and volunteer in the community, well trained physicians will be developed, and a long-term economic benefit will be realized.

Why Do We Need the Meritus School of Osteopathic Medicine?

Not Enough Physicians in the Nation, in Maryland, and in our Region

There are not enough physicians in the United States to meet the needs of our population. By the year 2030, there is a projected shortage of 124,000 physicians, and in Washington County alone, studies indicate a current shortage of 52 physicians. Additionally, in Maryland, one out of three physicians is over the age of 60.

Not Enough Medical Students Graduating

We are graduating fewer physicians per population than every other state in the United States that has a medical school.

  • Wisconsin has a smaller population than Maryland but has 67% more medical students.
  • Despite similar populations, Maryland only has one medical student to every 4.4 in Missouri.
  • To get to the national median of matriculants per capita, Maryland needs to add at least 360 matriculants a year.

Health, Economy, and Education are Connected

  • Studies show an extra 11 years of life for Washington County residents in the top income quartile.
  • There is a three-times higher mortality rate depending on a person's education level.

A Gap in Primary Care

The United States has less primary care providers than other comparable countries, including Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Community Economic Impact

$275 Million

Job Creation: 1,595
Tax Revenues: $6.2M

Fall of 2025

Our goal is to welcome our first class of students in the fall of 2025.

Over $120M

per year to our state GDP
every year beyond 2030

Help Us Reach Our Goal

We Need Your Support

By supporting the Meritus School of Osteopathic Medicine, you are directly impacting the health of our region. We are thrilledto develop a customized giving plan to support what matters most to you.